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The following tips in the field of locksmith, locks and keys are especially created to help everyone who uses such security devices on a daily basis. It is our goal to assist you with keeping your property secure and we do everything necessary in this direction. Read the tips carefully and use them correctly.

Security requires many efforts

Security matters never seem to end. One day you change a couple of door locks in the house and the following week you have to repair two more security door locks. With property crime being everyone's fear and new locks being introduced on the market all the time, your duties never really stop. You have to think of new ways to keep the properties secure and keep making changes.

Motorcycle & scooter disc locks

A disc lock is a portable security device designed to be used on motorcycles or scooters with disc brakes. Disc locks attach to the holes in the wheel's brake disc with a locking pin that passes through the brake disc and is then securely locked on the other side. The lock discourages theft by keeping the wheel from moving in either forward or reverse direction.

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